Flannery Lipstick (A)

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Type: Standard

Grade: L5

Flannery is a top full grain aniline leather with a nude surface. Hides are processed using low emission mineral tanning formulas, which are environmentally respectful and in full compliance with the strict regulations of the EU environmental normative CE2000/53. Hides are re-tanned in aged oak drums using vegetable agents, natural fat liquors and oils along with the dyes for full penetration. The natural fat liquors and oils condition the hides and offer some surface protection while accentuating the natural markings and characteristics of each unique hide. Extreme color variations to be expected. Heat, sun and light sensitive. Light soil resistance.

Application: Residential

Source of Origin Raw Material: New Zealand
Source of Origin Finishing: Italy

Hide Size: 50 sq. ft

Thickness: 0.9 - 1.0mm

Wet Rub Test: NR 20: IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640: 4 grey scale

Dry Rub Test: NR 100: IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640: 4 grey scale


Alkaline pH8: IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640: > 4 grey scale

Flexing Endurance:

Tear Strength: IUP 40/UNIEN ISO 3377-1:>20 N Minimum


Light Resistance: 

Flammability Resistance: CA TB 117-2013