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Custom Furniture can be as simple or complex as you need. Since all of our furniture is made here in the USA, we can make many simple changes and still ship our furniture within 4-6 weeks. A totally unique piece can be developed in 12-14 weeks.

On the simple side: You can choose from over 100 different leathers and fabric combinations - choose from various cushion and seating constructions - choose from many wood finishes, nailhead trim options and leg options. Within this section, you will see some of our current product line with simple changes, like adding decorative nailhead trim or changing the legs. We also show other modifications like changing the dimensions on a style by adding length or depth - or changing the function of an item by adding storage to an ottoman.

But over the past several years, "Custom" has also changed in to a true "Leather Workshop" here at McKinley. Designers have begun to send us detailed sketches and concept photos, which we have then executed into beautiful one-of-a kind renditions. It truly requires a partnership between the customer, the designer and the manufacturer - your ideas can be brought to life. We have shown some of our recent product developments next to the original concept brought to us. Click on one of the images below to see its inspiration.

We are happy to discuss any ideas that you might have!

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